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Spray On Liquid Membrane

Brush On Liquid Membrane


SBH Guard provides an innovative seamless elastomeric foundation waterproofing membrane system. SBH Guard products and equipment guarantees the best cost/benefit ratio compared to conventional BELOW GRADE foundation membrane systems.

Cold applied directly to surface with minimal prep, at any thicknessFully adhered to avoid water tracking or water buildup under surfaceMonolithic and seamless, can be installed around obstacles with easeCan be applied to complex irregular penetrations without joints100% VOC free, solvent free, non-hazmat, water-basedHighly elastomeric ( > 1,332% ) for concrete crack bridging
Highly weather resistant to UV, freeze and thaw, solar oxidationUses include: roofing, foundations, under-slab, blindside and laggingExcellent chemical resistance properties for containment protectionApplied at 4 to 6 times the coating thickness of competing technologiesOver 138' (42m) resistance to hydrostatic head water pressure


There is a huge transformation happening in the foundation waterproofing membrane market, our mission is simply to provide an environmentally friendly membrane system at an affordable price.

Designed to be a seamless monolithic highly rubberized membrane system, your foundation will be completely waterproofed post application. After proper cleaning and preparation of the wall it can be installed directly on the concrete and built up to your desired thickness. SBG Guard can be sprayed on or brushed on and is ideally suited to resolve situations with hydrostatic pressure against the foundation wall. SBH Seal installations require no invasive perforations in the structure and completely bonds to the concrete foundation wall avoiding water tracking and potential water buildup between the membrane and concrete. SBH Guard also "bridges" cracks or gaps and can easily be applied around complex penetrations and pipes.

SBH Guard liquid membrane has a high degree of elasticity and adhesion, it does not crack or break away from the concrete during extreme cold and harsh winter conditions.

The elastomeric liquid coating is applied directly to concrete or metal with no primers and with minimal surface preparation. There is no blasting or grinding required and green concrete is acceptable. Unlike epoxy or polyurethane, SBH Guard is applied in a single coat at any desired thickness and requires no reinforcing mesh layer, minimal prep and is extremely surface tolerant. Industrial applications include chemical containment (salts, acids, sea water, fertilizers), long-term corrosion prevention (direct to metal) and tank lining (concrete or metal)



SBH Guard Spray is an eco-friendly, elastomeric water-based coating that combines a unique bitumenemulsion with certain polymers to create a high performance, cost-efficient liquid applied roof waterproofing membrane.

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Select the right product for your roofing or foundation project. SBH Seal and SBH Guard have preparation required, make sure to read our technical documentation to know when to use reinforcing mesh for seams or royal primer for TPO and EPDM groundwork.

Spray On Membrane

SBH-100 is an instant set, spray applied rubberized bitumen waterproofing membrane for roofing, below grade and industrial applications.

Brush On Membrane

SB-200 is a rapid set modified rubberized bitumen waterproofing membrane for roofing, below grade and industrial applications.

SBH Seal Spray Rig

The K28C-5 SBH Seal Spray rig is a pneumatic powered system designed to deliver up to 2000 ft2 per hour with a 2 man crew and can be fitted with up to 1000′ of hose.