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SBH Seal registers certified pros and retailers issuing them with recognition on our service map and appropriate accreditation certification on our website.

SBH Seal accreditation is administered by SBH Seal Inc, the manufacturer of SBH Seal 100 Spray-On liquid membrane and SBH 200 Brush-On liquid membrane. Training and audits on completed flat roofs make sure that certified contractors follow our strict installation guidelines, show the applicants expertise and that their facilities and systems are of a sufficient standard.

Effective control over preparation and application of SBH Seal products ensures performance properties are not affected by incorrect installation; installations are properly investigated authorised and implemented in order to activate the warranty. Technical assistance is provided to the certification holder; proper investigation of complaints and implementation of appropriate corrective and preventive action are also a part of our program.


Certified Pros are listed on our website and can take advantage of our Marketing programs.
Get a template website and print marketing at reduced costs as a Certified SBH Seal Pro
Become a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Pro depending on which SBH Seal products you are certified with.
Register your clients for fully warrantied roofs.


Why Commercial Roofing ?

There are many benefits to expanding your company into the liquid membrane commercial roofing space. Learn why the move to SBH Seal may give your business the boost it needs!

1. Commercial Roofing Information
Reduce your employee overhead. Installation of SBH Seal on new and re-roofing projects requires less staff.
2. Get Trained
Cut down your installation time. With our "Spray on System" a roof can be installed in less than 1/2 the time of membrane or EPDM/TPO roofs.
3. Business Tools
Seamless and Monolithic! SBH Seal has no overlapping joints, just one solid seamless envelope covering your flat commercial or industrial roof.