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Spray On Liquid Membrane

Brush On Liquid Membrane


SBH Seal's liquid spray on roofing membranes has been one of the fastest growing flat roofing systemsin the United States and Canada. Our liquid roofing installations provide a seamless coating fully bonded to various substrates including but not limited to new roofing materials such as concrete, metal and wood sheathing. The coating is sprayed on and cures to form an elastomeric waterproof membrane with advanced rubber like qualities. Unlike TPO, EPDM and Torched Down Membrane roofs the sprayed or rolled on versions of SBH Seal can be installed with minimal staff, equipment and time saving production costs that can be passed on to the customer and allow the roofing contractors to close more deals across a short season.

Cold applied directly to surface with minimal prep, at any thicknessFully adhered to avoid water tracking or water buildup under surfaceMonolithic and seamless, can be installed around obstacles with easeCan be applied to complex irregular penetrations without joints100% VOC free, solvent free, non-hazmat, water-basedHighly elastomeric ( > 1,332% ) for concrete crack bridging
Highly weather resistant to UV, freeze and thaw, solar oxidationUses include: roofing, foundations, under-slab, blindside and laggingExcellent chemical resistance properties for containment protectionApplied at 4 to 6 times the coating thickness of competing technologiesOver 138' (42m) resistance to hydrostatic head water pressure


SBH Seal provides a seamless membrane. Since flat and low slope roofs were originally covered with BUR (Built Up Roofing Systems) there has not been a better system built. Tar and Gravel or asphalt roofing created an envelope that was seamless from one end of a building to the other. Our bitumen based liquid membrane incorporates the best of this philosophy and uses today's technology to provide an engineered product with bitumen that is UV resistant. Translation, our product can remain exposed to the sun without drying or cracking.



UL, CAN/ULC Listed Certified. Not only is SBH Seal environmentally with no vocs, it also is certified by some of the most stringent testsavailable. SBH Seal's SB-100 spray on membrane also bonds completely to the substrate (materials the roof is made of) which means water cannot get beneath it or between it and the roof deck.

What about over foam board insulation? SBH Seal is applied cold! SBH Seal 100 will bond to a foam substrate applied over your deck,allowing you to insulate a building from the exterior and complete a fully waterproofed roofing system.


Repairs to EPDM, TPO membrane roofs on commercial buildings. The weak point of TPO and EPDM membranes are their seams; Both these types of flat roofing systems are installed by glueing them down or mechanically fastening them. it is this connection point and punctures that are typically the point of failure

Using our primer and synthetic mesh, a team of SBH Seal installers can save your investment by reinforcing the joints with our SBH-200 Brush on liquid membrane saving tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs.


Over synthetic rubber roofs, existing Mod-Bit torched down roofs, metal roofs or even traditional BUR systems. SBH Seal can reduce your re roofing costs! New roof? Even easier, just spray or roll on SBH Seal for a long lasting UV resistant monolithic seal.


Select the right product for your roofing or foundation project. SBH Seal and SBH Guard have preparation required, make sure to read our technical documentation to know when to use reinforcing mesh for seams or royal primer for TPO and EPDM groundwork.

Spray On Membrane

SBH-100 is an instant set, spray applied rubberized bitumen waterproofing membrane for roofing, below grade and industrial applications.

Brush On Membrane

SB-200 is a rapid set modified rubberized bitumen waterproofing membrane for roofing, below grade and industrial applications.

White Roof Coating

ROOFAcoat White is an excellent return on investment and a cut above the regular acrylic coating supply, providing a long-term solution for any roof surface

Reinforcing Mesh SB-248

SB-248 Reinforcing Mesh is a stitch bonded polyester mesh and is one of the strongest materials available for use as reinforcement in SB-100 and SB-200 applications.

SBH Seal Spray Rig

The K28C-5 SBH Seal Spray rig is a pneumatic powered system designed to deliver up to 2000 ft2 per hour with a 2 man crew and can be fitted with up to 1000′ of hose.

SBH Seal Presentation

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